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Learn who is really in your network, what’s working, and how you can improve your network through the data visualization and practical steps provided in the Leader Network Diagnostic.

The Leader Network Diagnostic is a flexible, fully digital assessment that can be delivered and debriefed in a variety of different ways. Contact us to see how we can tailor our diagnostic platform to your needs.

The Leader Network Diagnostic is a 20-minute individual assessment that will help you visualize and understand your professional network. The digital assessment can be taken from any device and includes comprehensive videos that guide you through the experience, explaining questions and concepts.

At Network Leader, we’ve developed a scientific, leader-specific method designed to help you examine and improve your professional network. Our network solutions include a comprehensive diagnostic tool, leadership training, online training videos, and more.

See what others are saying about the Leader Network Diagnostic

Michael Welsh - Leadership Effectiveness Manager, Facebook-Stripe-Hudson

“Completing the Leader Network Diagnostic was fascinating. The videos gave me a depth of understanding of the theory. The diagnostic led me to insights into my the strengths and weaknesses of my network exist and to clear actionable insights of how to improve my network.”

Carl Sanders-Edwards -CEO/Founder, Adeption

“I fundamentally changed my network after the first time I mapped my connections and have tweaked it a number of times. The benefits were immediate and tangible. We are actively promoting this tool for our leadership development partners and they universally love it and benefit just like I did.”

Carylynn Larson, Ph.D., ACC - Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker.

“The Leader Network Diagnostic is a fantastic tool that helps leaders identify the relationships they need to foster and maintain in order to accomplish their goals. When clients realize that they don’t have the relationships in place to accomplish a given individual, team or corporate goal, they prioritize conversations and collaboration. Priceless.”

Nick Petrie -Executive Development

“30 minutes using this tool changed the way I think about networks and made me a better leader. This is a tool that every leader should use if they care about improving their effectiveness.”

Assess the current effectiveness of your network

Discover how your professional network can help you succeed

Make small changes that have a big impact on your network

  • Learn common networking myths
  • Understand the mindset of an effective networker
  • Discover invisible biases in your specific network
  • Aquire frameworks for powerful networking strategies