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We provide a scientific and analytical approach to understanding your professional network.

Network Leader’s approach has helped more than 20,000 leaders efficiently and scientifically map, analyze, and improve their professional networks. Our assessments are consumable and actionable, created by academics and scientists, but designed for everyday working professionals.

The Leader Network Diagnostic is a 20-minute individual assessment that will help you visualize and understand your professional network. The digital assessment can be taken from any device and includes comprehensive videos that guide you through the experience, explaining questions and concepts.

At Network Leader, we’ve developed a scientific, leader-specific method designed to help you examine and improve your professional network. Our network solutions include a comprehensive diagnostic tool, leadership training, online training videos, and more.

The Science: Our method draws from years of management and psychology research to apply empirically-vetted knowledge and best practices to leaders’ networks around the globe (read more about it here and here).'

The Analytical Data: Our data-based approach allows you to see hidden patterns that impact your effectiveness. Similar to the analytical methodologies used by the intelligence community, Network Leader’s approach provides context for how relationships actually function together, as opposed to how we think they do.

Our approach is tested
and proven

Network Leader's method draws from decades of research on professional networks to transform leaders by helping them build and capitalize on their networks. The research shows this approach can help people from all walks of life; different educational backgrounds, levels of leadership, and from all around the globe. 90% of people surveyed after taking the LND said this dramatically improved their organizational effectiveness.

Over 40 years of network science research shows that leaders with effective networks are:

Promoted more rapidly

Recieve higher bonuses

Adapt to new situations quickly

Lead change better

Viewed as more influential

Viewed in top 20% of leaders